Where 3D Print Reality Begins and Ends

Glow In Dark
Six Colors!
Nice Transition
Really Blue

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The Quantum Level:

  • Where 3D reality begins and ends
  • Nothing is as it seems
  • If you understand, then you don’t
  • Existence is an illusion
  • Matter doesn’t matter
  • Spooky action at a distance ~ A.E.*
  • Quantum Entanglement – More than tangled filament

*Albert Einstein

Making the Music

Advanced multi material 3D printing is not plug and play. More like learning to play the piano. All the (many) notes (variables) need to be learned. The student begins by pressing the proper keys in sequence, and soon a simple tune can be played.

With practice and motivation, complex music can be produced on almost any piano. A Baldwin or Steinway is not required. The beauty of the music depends on good sheet music (the slicer) and definitely who is playing it.

Areas of Entanglement:

FDM Printing

FDM printing or Fused Depositing Modelling is an additive manufacturing or 3D printing process belonging to the material extrusion family. In this technique, materials are fused or combined in a pattern to create an object. It uses thermoplastic polymers like ABS (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene) and PLA (polylactide acid) in filament form. The thermoplastic resin is melted just past its glass transition temperature. In FDM, a part is produced by depositing material in a pre-determined pattern layer-by-layer.

DLP / SLA Printing

DLP (Digital Light Processing) and SLA (Stereolithography) are both liquid photo-sensitive resin 3D printing processes. UV (ultraviolet) resin is cured to solid plastic in smaller layers than FDM by LASER beam or projected images. Both capable of very fine print resolution.

MSLA Printing

MSLA is Masked Stereolithography. Using a LCD screen like a photo negative located on the bottom of the build tank. Much like contact negative printing. A less expensive process than DLP and SLA producing very similar results. UV light passes through the LCD mask to expose and cure the resin.