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  • No Laws Here

    No Laws Here

    I struggled trying to get really nice 3D FDM prints. Just recently I discovered the errors in my way. I believed the “recommended” filament flow settings were accurate. They are not. At best a very rough starting point for the newbie. I laugh every time I see someone ask. “What settings do you use to…

  • Quantum Sewing

    Quantum Sewing

    I try to design something new to print nearly every single day. It’s what I do and the reason for this hobby. For me it is not just about the printing. It’s seeing a new design become a real thing. My spouse is a quilter. Sewing is her thing. I support her the best I…

  • Tech Talk

    Tech Talk

    There is a side to the 3D printing “hobby” to which I have not paid much attention. It does not focus on printed item design at all. Printed product design is a totally different side of the hobby.

  • It’s Not About The Printer

    It’s Not About The Printer

    Three dimensional printing in its entire scope, is not just about the printer. The same as photography is not about the camera. It’s about the photographs one creates. The hobby is not owning the tool but rather how you use the tool. Some people collect cameras. But that doesn’t make them a photographer. Owning a…

  • Speed Phreaks

    Speed Phreaks

    I have figured out what is going on with the marketing of speed with 3D printers. The issue with the marketing departments is they cannot sell intangibles in their marketing efforts. A quality print output is a perception by human judgement. In the world of 3D printing, there are far too many variables that will…

  • Duallies


    Been cranking hard printing on my two newest 2 filament printers. The Snapmaker J1 and the Cetus2. Best of both flavors, IDEX and single nozzle. Neither, do I consider perfect a printer. Once I learned their individual weaknesses and work with their strengths, it has been all production and fun. Use them properly and 2…

  • Bongos


    Hear the beat of the drums. Bongo drums. I wonder if it is a bongo drum or because there are two it should be plural? I think its a Bongo drum because the male and female (That’s what they are called) drums are joined as one and sometimes just called Bongos. If I made two…

  • OMC works on UPS3

    OMC works on UPS3

    For some reason of which I am yet to discover, My Tiertime UP Studio V2 threw some error messages at me that went away before I could comprehend what they were saying. Something about registration of/or something.  I have been using the program for over 5 years so I haven’t a clue what that was…

  • My Big Fat Bowl

    My Big Fat Bowl

    Y’all gotta know I like to design and print bowls. All sizes and shapes. Not always round. This time I saw this bowl on a “Modern Marvels” cable TV program about coin operated devices. This bowl was full to the top with pocket change. The bowl shape intrigued me and I decided immediately I had…