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  • Improved CETUS2

    Improved CETUS2

    A lot of quirky events have been occurring with my 3D printing. Definitely tied to the “Quantum Effect”. My machines have been complaining about their workload as only machines know how. They start breaking down.  I wore out the bearings in the filament feed drives for the CETUS2. Probably a thousand hours on them. About…

  • Tech Talk

    Tech Talk

    There is a side to the 3D printing “hobby” to which I have not paid much attention. It does not focus on printed item design at all. Printed product design is a totally different side of the hobby.

  • Cetus 2.2

    Cetus 2.2

    Tiertime labels it just a CETUS2. It’s a two filament single nozzle FDM printer. Tiertime sent me a used prototype Cetus2 a year ago. I won it in a contest for writing a New Year’s Resolution. I also had an expectation of still receiving a first edition release version as I had invested in the…

  • Duallies


    Been cranking hard printing on my two newest 2 filament printers. The Snapmaker J1 and the Cetus2. Best of both flavors, IDEX and single nozzle. Neither, do I consider perfect a printer. Once I learned their individual weaknesses and work with their strengths, it has been all production and fun. Use them properly and 2…

  • Tripple Play

    Tripple Play

    Running three identical prints on three different printers all at the same time. That’s gotta be what’s called, “Doin’ 3D printing!”  Ha! Little Mama Cetus (original size Cetus I), Cetus2 (2 color much larger), and Anycubic Vyper (conventional FDM). The print file is an original KautzCraft I call “ripple”. It is a 100mm round bowl…

  • Urge to Purge

    Urge to Purge

    I am watching the operation of my Cetus2 two-color printer. I discovered a way to implement what I call “shadow-purge” printing. When changing colors with a single nozzle printer, there is a period of time and distance required for one color to cease flow and the new color to fully become full flow. This period…

  • Quantum Junque?

    Quantum Junque?

    A little history Haven’t been playing with Quantum physics for any length of time. But I have thought about it for probably decades. I don’t know if that counts for anything. Probably not.  So I just invented using quantum physics as a new source of inspiration for things happening when doing 3D printing. There are…

  • Out Whaling

    Out Whaling

    Out Whaling Cetus is a word for a whale. Their logo is the tail of whale (I’ll tell ya’). The Cetus was a sea monster in Greek mythology which both Perseus and Heracles needed to slay. I have three small Cetus (Ceti?) but my newest whale is the Cetus2. Did I mention I received it for…