Been cranking hard printing on my two newest 2 filament printers. The Snapmaker J1 and the Cetus2. Best of both flavors, IDEX and single nozzle.

Neither, do I consider perfect a printer. Once I learned their individual weaknesses and work with their strengths, it has been all production and fun. Use them properly and 2 color FDM prints are very nice. 

All my FDM prints are  0.2mm layers or less. Most at 0.15mm. Very nice surface quality. Best prints are 0.1mm but are so s-l-o-w. Most projects don’t need this resolution.  

I also pay attention to extrusion width and flow to get the really good quality. Flow is probably the best but least understood variable. My secret: work to get the flow correct and most print problems go away.

This is not a how-to post. Just a little show and tell. The green prints are PETG on the J1 IDEX. Transparent green and clear. Clear always looks like transparent white when multi layer.

Also been using nylon and polycarbonate filaments on the J1. Those filaments are why I bought an enclosed printer. Very good results with those materials. 

Not my everyday go-to filament choice. My desire is to have a strong material I know how it works, that I can use for very durable-need projects. 

Always something new to design with materials that suit the application.


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