Quantum Sewing

I try to design something new to print nearly every single day. It’s what I do and the reason for this hobby. For me it is not just about the printing. It’s seeing a new design become a real thing.

My spouse is a quilter. Sewing is her thing. I support her the best I can but I am not a quilter myself. There are a few males into the craft, but it isn’t common.

Here is a new bobbin case I designed. Bobbins are a tiny flat spool of thread used in sewing machines under “the deck” and supply the thread for the lock stitching on the underside of the material. 

I won’t get into the operational details but all modern day sewing machines use a bobbin of some kind as far as I know.

Quilters like to have a few spare (full) bobbins on hand when they go on their “retreats” (quilting bees in the old days) and spend a few days together in a group sharing and sewing session.

This is a four bobbin case with a slide off lid. Nothing spectacular in these first prototype prints. I could add some decoration or color variations.

The goal for these cases was to make sure I could print the slide grooves and little flanges. A little hand clean-up and these work very nicely.


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