New Resin Printer

The resin [sic] I do this hobby is I like to design from scratch and then use 3D printing as the proof of design. I deliberately chose the word resin (line above) because that is one of the materials I use with 3D printing.

I just ordered a new resin type printer. The Anycubic Photon Mono M5s Pro on pre-order direct from Anycubic. Pre-order means it will take a few weeks before I receive it. 

It is available now through Amazon, and the listing doesn’t say pre-order. In fact they claim delivery in two days. BUT…

The Amazon price with a $170 discount coupon is still $30 higher than the pre-order direct from Anycubic price. The shipping from Anycubic is free and they charged me no sales tax (saving ~$38). On top of that they are including 2 KG of “ABS like” resin for free. So this is a huge overall savings over the Amazon offer. (Nearly -$80) Forced me to order now! <g>

This printer is a 10.1 inch diagonal MSLA with 14K HD screen. My older Anycubic Photon Mono SE is a 6 inch diagonal screen with only 2K resolution.

I upgraded for the size, resolution, and the fact it includes a print chamber heating unit which will permit me to use the printer in my cold workshop in the winter. I stop using the Mono SE when the shop is cold.

I have also been getting over stressed with my two major FDM printers. The Snapmaker J1 and the Cetus2. Great printers when they are working but both are currently broken and waiting parts from China.

Moving back to doing more resin 3D printing will change my environment and stimulate more creative designs using resin.

The larger vat size of the M5s Pro will permit me to produce the bigger parts I like to design that keeps me out of the Junque printing state of mind I get making small trinkets.

10.1 diagonal is not a huge printer, but much larger than what I have used in a MSLA type printer.

I didn’t want a truly huge resin printer. The big ones are expensive to purchase and consume large amounts of resin. No use in having a large printer if there is no intention to print large items. 

Looking forward to the new “toy”.  I am already sketching some ideas for prints I can make with the new system. 


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