CETUS2 Printhead

Improved CETUS2

A lot of quirky events have been occurring with my 3D printing. Definitely tied to the “Quantum Effect”.

My machines have been complaining about their workload as only machines know how. They start breaking down. 

I wore out the bearings in the filament feed drives for the CETUS2. Probably a thousand hours on them. About $100 US for a total new printhead. That’s a reasonable deal. I said “printhead”. That’s everything that prints.

I contacted JASON, the support person at CETUS and made some (friendly) suggestions on how the drive system in the CETUS2 could be improved. He politely thanked me and said he sent the ideas to his “development team”.  OK…

The new head arrives and I install it.  WoW! the best prints ever! Of course! It’s all NEW. 

But then I get a filament jam. Uggh!  I had to take the new head apart to clear it. 

OMG!!  Everything I suggested as improved drive components are already in the new printhead. Like dual geared filament drive system. That’s spooky events happening far away for sure.

Somehow Tiertime saw the improvements I suggested before I asked for them. Now that is REAL service. Some kink of time warp I suppose. Ha! A form of stacked “Tier” Time I think.

I won’t “reveal” more as I want to see how CETUS2 will announce the improvements. You “KARENS” out there don’t deserve a free upgrade so don’t ask. Period.

In any case, the new drive train should be wonderful. But that doesn’t mean sh*t can’t happen. It’s quantum space after all…


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