Getting to First Vase

Build them… and they will come. Sorry – just being punny…

Ok… enough. But I have made it to all three vases. An easy stand-up triple.

Spouse Gloria asked me to make a new vase for the mantle to hold some dried flowers. She wanted something to match her “decor” and knew I had some gold PLA on hand.

I have a small cup I designed and printed that used a twisted pentagram as the shape of the side vertical “straws”. That was the design she wanted, but bigger.

I tried doing a non-linear scale-up on the original CAD file but it became much too distorted. I started over from scratch, but used the same build method.

The result is the two wide bowls in the lead photo.

On the left is the Gold PLA version being printed on an Anycubic Vyper. On the right is the exact same design printing on the Tiertime Cetus2 pre-production 2 color printer. It is operating in blended dual color with red and  light olive color filaments.

Print time for both are in the 14 to 16 hour range. No rush print jobs.

Gold vase in use

The third vase in purple is a totally different, but brand new design. One of those “just because” prints as I wanted to experiment with a new CAD method of making the shape.

The purple vase is built on an original Cetus Mk2. Its run time was 11 to 12 hours. Building large takes time to retain quality 

All three prints are using 0.20mm layers so are not super high resolution. However, very good quality for printing a vase. I have done many super quality FDM prints using 0.10mm layers but that doubles the print time from using 0.20mm. (Finer than that, one needs to use photo-resin printers)

My CAD program is Autodesk Fusion 360. It is my design drawing tool and the enabler but as every CAD design person knows, the design and creative process is the job of the human. The CAD creates the correct file format for printing in 3D.


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  1. Ego Persona Avatar
    Ego Persona

    Looks like you are enjoying what you do. Thanks for the large clear pictures!

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