Monster Math

I was working in the quantum-lab, late one night
When my eyes beheld an eerie sight
For my 3D models from their slabs, began to rise
And suddenly to my surprise

I did some math, I did some monster math
The monster math, it was a graveyard smash
I did the math, it caught on in a flash
I did the math, was this Junque or a waste of cash?…

Hah! Just a little jest. If you are old enough you will recognize the words,  rhymes, and meter of the lines above.

The inspiration was my constant feeling of always spending too much time and money making plastic Junque. But the reality for me is this is what hobby-class 3D printing is all about. 

The items shown here are not so much Junque, but were designed and made today just because I felt the need to make them. Guilty, I like to make things for any or no reason. It’s a hobby. Only reason necessary. 🙂

The two cauldrons were a design I created as a bit of a printing test. The bottoms are 100 mm across raised a few millimeters by the three legs They need bottom support when printing. 

The yellow cauldron was printed on my Anycubic Viper machine using PLA . The Viper build plate is where the group picture was taken.

The brassy cauldron is PLA printed with a mix of shiney coffee gold and shiney silver, blended single nozzle with the new CETUS2 printer.

Both machines do outstanding FDM printing.

The small green cup is also one of my original designs I call it the “penta-twist.” I have made many (Junque) copies of this cup because I like the complex design . This one had to be reduced in size to fit the build area of my Anycubic Photon Mono SE MSLA printer. The resin used is Elegoo water washable transparent green. 

Many different printing techniques all running at the same time. The inspiration for my poetry.

It was a good day but ran well into the wee hours. Most late hour build times, I retire to bed when the print is going well. But I was interested in seeing all three of these prints to the finish. The cauldrons were first-time prints and I like to make sure they finish well. The top rim required support for the print in addition to the raised bottom support.

The Viper and Cetus2 set side by side in my HVAC conditioned work/office and were the last to finish. The resin printer is in my garage work shop because of the print fumes. For the Texas 40 degree cold Spring weather, I had the heat on there to get the shop to near seventy. Resin printing needs a warm area. I wanted to get the heat off again when it finished.

All that plastic material and energy use requires expenditure of monstrous amounts cash. No… not really. But I don’t waste things like heating energy when not needed.

I think these projects are worth all the time money and effort just because I enjoy “making” them…


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