Tripple Play

Running three identical prints on three different printers all at the same time. That’s gotta be what’s called, “Doin’ 3D printing!”  Ha!

Little Mama Cetus (original size Cetus I), Cetus2 (2 color much larger), and Anycubic Vyper (conventional FDM).

The print file is an original KautzCraft I call “ripple”. It is a 100mm round bowl with angular ridges on sides that have a small “ripple” wave on the larger ridges. Just a nice little design effect.

All are being printed with the same (0.15 mm) layer height, so this will be a good print comparison. They “should” all look very close to the same as far as quality surface. 

The Cetus2 is actually a blended color print so it will have some slight shading color variation around the sides.

The small Cetus is a simple “basic” printer but will produce amazing quality prints. I have three of these little Cetus printers. (Only one is use at the moment.)

These all require about 9 to 10 hour print times. 

Nothing really extra special. No quantum mechanics in use this time. 

They are nice “give-aways” to people as examples of what is made with 3D printing. My spouse loves to give them to her quilting buddies. 


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