My Big Fat Bowl

Y’all gotta know I like to design and print bowls. All sizes and shapes. Not always round.

This time I saw this bowl on a “Modern Marvels” cable TV program about coin operated devices. This bowl was full to the top with pocket change. The bowl shape intrigued me and I decided immediately I had to design/make one… or two…

A heavy looking “Michelin Man” three ring FAT bowl.

I have been experimenting down at the Quantum Level with the PrusaSlicer software. Lots going on in there. At first I didn’t understand (or even “like”) what I saw. (It’s like that with Quantum) but it’s functionality grew on me as I began to grasp its design and what the extreme amount of variables were doing and where.

So PrusaSlicer has become my go-to slicer at the moment.

It has a wide selection of internal infill patterns. I selected a cross three pattern called “Cubic” for this bowl. Very unusual watching it print.

Total printed weight of the bowl is 161 grams on my scale, so about $4.00 of PLA+ were consumed.

I like the “FAT” look of this bowl!


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