OMC works on UPS3

For some reason of which I am yet to discover, My Tiertime UP Studio V2 threw some error messages at me that went away before I could comprehend what they were saying. Something about registration of/or something. 

I have been using the program for over 5 years so I haven’t a clue what that was all about. This all happened on the MAC version. Haven’t checked WIN11 yet.

What it did was change the slicing of the model. In preview it slices about 1/4 to 1/3 then just quits. I tried two models and both behave the same. Partial slicing.

I re-entered my registration back to the Tiertime server and it recognized me. But nothing changed with the defective slicing. I was becoming frustrated to say the least.

This was happening while trying to operate/control my original CETUS 1 printer I call “Old Mama Cetus” (OMC).

I switched to the UP Studio3 (UPS3) I use for the CETUS2 and configured it for the Old Mama Cetus 1. 

I have since made a half dozen perfect TPU prints with UP Studio3 and my original version Cetus1. 

Looks like I may just keep it as my slicer for my 3 old Cetus 1 printers as well as the Pre-release Cetus 2 I am using.

I have been told there will be a new version of UP Studio3 when the Production CETUS2 hits the streets in about a month. I hope they keep all the support for all the other Tiertime printers in the UP Studio3. 

I am getting kinda use to using it. Even more now I see it runs the old Mama Cetus very well.

BTW, The UPStudio2 started working normal again. Musta realized I had options. Weird things happen at the quantum level…


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