Experimenting with a system for permitting downloading some of my Stereolithographic 3D print files (.stl). New entry in the menu labeled “Downloads”.

These files will all be my creation so not in any violation of copyright from any other designer. If one (or any) of these designs are similar to other artists or designers, it is purely coincidental. 

Use them any way you like except selling the file itself for profit. 

I will see how this goes. There is a download counter and you will be tracked as to your location, browser used, and operating system. Standard tracking that has existed since websites became available. Not possible to obtain, record or save personal identification.

The display format is subject to change until I find a layout I really like.

Some of my designs are labeled with “KautzCraft”. You will just have to enjoy the branding and the free design.

Leave a comment here if you like what I am giving away for free.