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  • The Quantum Domain

    The Quantum Domain

    The smallest common denominator when reducing anything to the basic truth, resides in the Quantum Domain. Where nothing is as simple as it seems. It’s why I can blame Quantum Mechanics when something goes wrong with one of my three dimensional prints. I know I probably overlooked a higher dimension. My reality becomes entangled. I…

  • Why 0.40mm?

    Why 0.40mm?

    Quantum mechanics makes me look at things in new ways. A recent browse through current topics on 3D printing revealed some pundits are questioning how in FDM printers, did 0.40mm nozzle become so dominate with the 1.75mm filament. I am not going to explore the reasons here. Best to say, for the typical size prints…

  • Quantum  Speed

    Quantum Speed

    Some where along the timeline of growth, all 3D printing became a speed race where fast print time became more a goal than print quality. “Faster is better!” became the battle cry. Additive manufacturing is an inherently slow process. the thinner the layers and narrower the lines (no lines in MSLA) the more time is…