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  • Why 0.40mm?

    Why 0.40mm?

    Quantum mechanics makes me look at things in new ways. A recent browse through current topics on 3D printing revealed some pundits are questioning how in FDM printers, did 0.40mm nozzle become so dominate with the 1.75mm filament. I am not going to explore the reasons here. Best to say, for the typical size prints…

  • Bowden Worm Hole

    Bowden Worm Hole

    Just finished a lot of Print testing with my Anycubic Vyper Bowden tube FDM printer. As I suspected much of the pros and cons about bowden tube systems and retraction issues is pure misinformation or speculation. Some of the “gospel” may have been true years ago when systems were built up from available tube ID…

  • Monster Math

    Monster Math

    I was working in the quantum-lab, late one night When my eyes beheld an eerie sight For my 3D models from their slabs, began to rise And suddenly to my surprise I did some math, I did some monster math The monster math, it was a graveyard smash I did the math, it caught on…